the new road from town

25,5 x 23 | hardcover | 32 pages


text & ilustration: D'Arcy Albuquerque
project coordination & original idea: Vítor Franco
technical advisory: Joaquim Amaro

translation: Teresa Casas-Novas

translation revision: Raquel Bass


text approval & institutional image: Gisela Silva

presentation: Gilberto Rodrigues [CEO Mota-Engil Africa]


legal deposit: 347627/12

isbn: 978-989-8408-04-4

year: 2012

sponsor: Mota-Engil Angola
distributed by Mota-Engil Angola in: 
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Malowi

Lukeny lives in a village near a large city, in Africa. One day, a loud noise of machinery arriving wakes him up. The machines will be used to build a road that will connect the village and the city. However, Lukeny feels sad and upset because the new road will ruin the ground where he usually plays football with his friends. He decides to complain to the company that is building the road, but the engineer in charge has a good surprise for him…